What nearfield studio monitors are you using?

I’m pretty happy with my modest studio setup, save for I don’t yet have any nearfield studio monitors. I’d like a nice bass response, since my purpose is electronic music production. I suppose this eliminates 5" monitors from my search, since I would probably need an accompanying subwoofer with speakers of that small of a size.

Is anyone out there using Yamaha? JBL? KRK? What do you like/dislike? I’m still in the information gathering phase and would love any and all opinions!

Edit: Went with KRK but they went out on me pretty quickly. Shopping again, noticed Equator is starting to become a big player after discovering them on this best studio monitors guide. Thoughts on those?

Aloha l,

For me, I put an end to this topic years ago.


Nuff said.

Good Luck!

Thanks for the input! Which Genelecs are you using? They have quite the large product line…

Adam P22A with SUB8, this also put’s a stop on searching further for me:-)


I asked a similar question about four years ago (and even before that).

This is an ‘old’ post for sure but might give you some insight to what guys were saying/using back then.


Good Luck!