What new features are realistically expected in Cubase Pro 12?

I guess Apple Silicon support and optional eLicenser are a given, but what else?

What I think we might see:

  • finishing of the high-DPI support - it’s almost there but not quite, with some weird graphical glitches / artifacts around objects (buttons, MIDI notes) and icons that seem blurry, as if they were stretched rather than swapped out with high-res versions
  • flattening of the GUI - lots of elements - e.g. that rounded thing in the top of track inspector, window dialog buttons, mixer console, that thingy where you map a controller - still have a “3D” look to them, whereas majority has already been made beautifully flat - it’s pretty jarring to look at
  • easier way to add drawn automation - it’s annoying that I have to find the VST parameter I need in a big list or actually record me wiggling it, to be able to draw it; in other DAWs (Bitwig, Live, Studio One) it’s enough to just touch the parameter and automation lane pops up ready to be drawn in

So we know that the new MIDI API is going to be in there, that’s exciting for me.

I’ve also heard rumours of PLE improvements - though how true that is I don’t know, as it’s quite an under-appreciated part of Cubase I just couldn’t imagine work to be made there with everything else that’s going on.

Looking at the new licensing interface, and seeing Dorico 4 i’m also wondering if there will be some significant GUI changes, too.

Also, new version of HALion perhaps… Maybe even SE will get an update?

I do wonder if there will be updates to the MIDI insert sections, allowing for better modulation options. Really don’t know.

I can see this release being more about improvements, than additions. Really looking forward to it though, no dongle and new MIDI remote options are enough for me! :slight_smile:

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Multitrack Free warp.


Hopefully, VST2 support will be totally removed. :stuck_out_tongue:


To be able to move around the channels/tracks from within the mixer…


A broken license manager is all I want here :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. “Multitrack Free warp” years later and still waiting
  2. FIX the Generic Remote

12th Time lucky!!!

Modulate anything, updated midi Modifiers.

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unlimited cues for monitor 4 isn’t enough

What Cubase lacks in my opinion is better sample management.

Like, XO, Atlas and I think Waves also has a new tool.
How is this called? AI sample management?

Basically an improved Mediabay.

that, brings your sample collection into musical correlation with each other or a pre-definable context, help to quickly build sample kits for the new “Multisample Sampler Track” . Plus an improved version of Beat Designer to sequence everything quickly.

The improved Mediabay could then also be integrated into Groove Agent and Halion.

Of course nobody wanted that and it’s not realistic either, but it seems to be a bit trendy and is right in line with “Creativity First” :sunglasses:


I hope it finally makes my coffee for me.


I am not sure to understand, but in case, you can reveal in the track the parameter you moving on your vst, but you need to activate the option in :
“To open the corresponding automation track on writing automation parameters Go To : Project > Automation Panel > Automation Settings > Reveal Parameter on Write.”

I don’t understand why it’s not activated by default, but the option is here :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes a lot of hope for new features with this new Windows MIDI API :slightly_smiling_face: — lets bring Multi-Client Access for midi with no more work around for Windows users :sunglasses:

Also midi 2.0 should be here…

I guess a lot of work of re-coding all the midi side to make it integrate into DAW…
I guess “again” all of this is a new start in midi area for all DAW… Maybe new midi features in Cubendo 12 …

That only works if you enable automation writing and transport is moving. That doesn’t make sense if I want to draw automation from scratch, though. If I record something I have to then go and delete it before drawing anything new.

This intermediate step - recording & deleting - isn’t required in Bitwig, Live or Studio One.


The WaveLab 11 release can give a few clues. These new W11 features are likely to show up also in Cubase 12:

  • Replacing audio in video (this was removed some years ago, seems to be back now).
  • New “LIN Pro dithering” plugin.
  • New DeReverb plugin? (I read something about exclusive to WaveLab, but maybe that was just exclusive until C12?)
  • VST plug-in handling features (e.g. each instance now having its own, independent undo/redo history).


Apart from that, I think "Tabbed Plugin windows " can be seen as realistically expected.

In a screenshot of the new licensing gui, HAlion 7 was seen. That does not necessarily mean that it’s ready now, but it’s certainly realistic that HSE 7 could show up. (Version 6 is five years old now.)

Dorico is built on the Qt framework, Cubase is not, so I can’t see that to be related at all.

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Clip launcher :crazy_face:


#$@%4 mac. IF all of this happens, then I’m definitely converting to Cubase…

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Do you think they will finish the GUI?
every time I open the logical editor I’m transported to 2011


You here, too? :smiley:

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I’d rather Bitwig’s modulators. Both won’t happen anytime soon, if ever :slight_smile:

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