What next for Halion?

What do you think is next for Halion, for features etc? Do you see more collaboration with the Yamaha sound design team on the stock library? I’m learning it currently.

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Halion 7 is next.

More synthesis options. Just adding FM isn’t going to cut it. There is also additive synthesis with controllable partials (not the harmonic-only type), AM, filter FM. For FM, AM, RM, filter FM, all they need is to let us route sine waves into each other and it’d be good enough. Halion already has RM, which is very nice :+1::+1:

Most important of all, get it ENTIRELY out of the dongle system first.

Nothing apparently…the sale is over and no news on Halion. :frowning_face:

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Be careful ,someone person that’s just started using the forum might want to add you to his Hyperbolic list of people , don’t worry i’m included :rofl:
Anyway , im sure 7 will be here , it just so happens to be the most less developed VSTi on Steinbergs list , we are only on Version 6 after all these years. I recon as there’s not going to be a .5 for Cubase ,it could possibly be Christmas

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HALion 7 is bound to be here one day or another. 6 is already in itself a remarkable creativity tool that has nothing to envy to its competitors. Don’t forget that he is the granddaddy of HALion Sonic SE and the father of HALion Sonic 3, so he’s here to stay.

I would like this version 7 of HALion to introduce new libraries, and why not a library or two of the best presets from Mystic, Prologue and Spector in homage to these superb synths that Steinberg had to abandon for technical and compatibility reasons …

FM synthesis would be a major and fantastic addition, but how about including Yamaha’s Virtual Acoustic (VA) modeling technology. I wouldn’t hesitate to take a hundred bucks out of my cash for an update that offered such a possibility.

If Yamaha created a VST replica of this VL1 instrument, I would buy it immediately.

As long as to offer an update of a product already as complete as HALion 6, Steinberg has to hit hard to arouse interest.