What no midi ?

just ready to go and buy an MR816CSX and I read in an SOS review that it aint got no MIDI connection…what ? maybe I’m stupid but how the ##@%^$# will I use my midi keyboard…? didn’t know I was that far behind the times, are, is MIDI dead now ?..is there an easy solution ? cheers and regards to all out there…keep on keepin on !!!

Easy solution = buying $10 midi to usb cable.
You find it on eBay, Amazon… everywhere…

You can also buy a midi to usb hub because the $10 cables usually only connect one midi device.

Oh…it’s that simple, I have a Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 at the moment which as you will know includes a midi connection so I’m wondering …If I get this cable how will it link up with the Daw ( Cubase 6 ) and the MR816CSX, If it it just goes to my puter how will the gear know It’s there, yeah. you guessed it, I’m a dork when It comes to puters…just wanna do music and got to get learning …fast. thank you very much for taking the time to help, best regards, Kevin

all current keyboards do midi via direct usb connection.


Yeah, I was just wondering how you set up the midi to go to a DAW…how does the DAW pick it up ?

Automatically. You can connect as many midi devices as you want. Wether they are on direct USB-midi cables, or integrated in your USB/Firewire/PCI soundcard, or a dedicated midi interface doesn’t matter at all, Cubase can work with all simultaneously.
In Device setup --> midi you can find all attached midi devices and name them, enable/disable them etc.

Wow…you guy’s are so helpfull, can’t thank you enough, so I can go ahead and buy the MR816CSX and not worry that it aint got a midi conection, thanks again and good luck with whatever your doin !! Kevin

Yeah, it really is that simple.

Just plug in the cables, and your DAW should recognize it - although you might have to enable it in the DAW.
I know in Ableton, I have to go to preferences and then turn it on. (It shows up when plugged in, if not plugged in it won’t).

Good luck.

Hopefully the MR works on your system :slight_smile:
It doesn’t work on mine :frowning: Really frustrating, drivers are hit and miss depending on your system.
If you can, you should test it with your system before you buy, OR have another work around (another interface you can ADAT the MR into, but $$$ for good ones).

Not to scare you, but there are lots of threads where people can’t get it to work with their systems, and I have joined them :frowning: But with other people they say it works great, so… go figure.

Yeah, now you mention it I’ve been noticing more and more that there seems to be a few problems with it , getting a bit worried now…when you pay good money for this stuff it should work dont you think ?..I was really keen on the dep intergration that is possible with this gear so’s I can stop using a 3rd party mixer like the incredibly complicated and totally not intuitive mixing software with the saffire pro 24, anyways…good luck with your probs and hope you get them sorted, me…I think I’ll wait awhile, regards to everybody and thanks