What opens on application start

For some reason which I cannot determine, Wavelab now always opens a certain audio file when I start the application. I haven’t worked on this file for several weeks.

I usually work in the Montage, and for some time WL used to open several montage files in Tabs. But even those were just all the files from a certain folder, and not the most recent ones I worked on.

How do I set WL to open something useful instead of files which I just have to close again?

If this is not possible, how do I set it to not open anything on application start?

Boy, do I wish I had a manual…

It really is a complete mystery to me how a big company like Steinberg can sell a complex application like Wavelab but not have a manual for it. It is even more a mystery since this is the very first version of WL for the Mac, so we cannot just look at older manuals. And the situation is worsened by the completely un-Mac GUI, where things never seem to be where they should be.


Do you know about that option?

Yes, and it is set to exactly the same options as in the screen take. Yet, whenever I open WL I get a simple audio file, but the last time I definitely worked in the Montage (and yes, I did close the audio file window).

Bug? I am on a Mac.

Well, I don’t know, I would suggest you wait a few days for the new version.