What order do I install things in?

I have Cubase 5 disks. Cubase 7 upgrade is due to arrive Thursday. I have a brand spankin new computer, with Windows 8. Would like to get things rolling ASAP. Don’t know what version of Cubase 5 I own. Pretty sure it’s 5.0, cuz last time I reloaded it into my old computer, with Windows Vista, I had to update and jump through a few hoops, if I remember correctly. Anyhoo…

What’s the order I’m supposed to load Cubase in? Cubase 5 from disks, update, then disks on 8? That’s what I’m assuming, or should I install the updates for 5 first? Or can I download the latest version of 5 directly from Steinberg? Or, yeah… I don’t know what I’m doin :slight_smile:.

Also, will I be able to install Cubase 7 on 2 computers, as I reinstalled Windows Vista on my other other computer and all is fine.

Thanks in advance.

It makes no difference the order, Cubase 5 and 7 are separate installations each with its own prefs and settings.

Yes to the second question too.

You can install Cubase on a thousand computers, if you wish. You can only use it on one at a time, though. Unless you have multiple e-licencer dongles, with multiple licenses, that is.

The number of installs are inconsequential. The only thing that matters is the number of licenses you have.