What OS do you use for Dorico?

Ok, this is thoroughly unofficial. I’m just curious, among the regulars here.

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Both

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I voted Windows, which is what I’m currently using, but I’d like to use my macbook as well. I’m waiting for the new licensing system to be able to run Dorico on two computers.

I was expecting Mac to take an early lead here…

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Strictly speaking, I’m not using a desktop OS at all. I’m using Mac on a laptop.

Fair enough… I just meant “not iPad.”

The macOS that runs on a Macbook is the exact same macOS that runs on an iMac. So, ‘strictly speaking’ you ARE using a desktop OS.

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In the «Windows versus OS X» thread Daniel mentioned, the last time they checked the proportion was around 60% on macOS and 40% on Windows. With the release of the iPad version, the mac share might even increase.