What Playback improvement to expect? Hopes

Dear Doricoians. I’m one of the users that highly appreciate the playback improvements like pitch contour… . In fact it brought me to build my first expression maps, which sound really great. But compared to NP I mostly dislike, that longer notes play at the dynamic they are triggered throughout the note. NP has playback rules, that convolute an envelope around the notes.

If I remember correctly, Daniel S. said, that further playback improvements will come in 5.x versions. Is that something we could expect? Either via expression map or general playback rules. Maybe someone of the team can comment on that?

And what would be an great option is a tool to change Dynamics on bigger phrases while keeping the relative dynamics intact, that are applied via “pitch contour” and dynamic markings …

I truly love Dorico more every day. Such a joyful experience!