What plugin is this bass?

0:30 second?

I would say it is electric bass but which one.
I want to buy a plugin that can make that sound, thanks!

Sorry, but there is no electric bass here. This is just the natural low register of the piano with maybe just some extra boost using EQ?.

Ahhh click-bait to get views ?
Or simply the wrong link :smiley:
Well it worked, I looked and ZzzzZzZZzzz…

You never know with some people? But it’s definitely no electric bass for sure! :slight_smile: :joy:

Hi Nickeldome,

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:
I tried what you said ( I am a beginner composer ) and it sounds similar to the reference track.
But his bass is much softer/warmer.
This is what I did to make it soft, please see the pic.

Do you have any other advise how to make it closer to the reference track?
I am also baffled what he uses to fill the space between notes ( I have put just a little bit of reverb).
What is that sound that stays " in the air" after he finish playing the note.

BTW. I have my own You Tube Channel, but I am not happy with the sound.

Thank you for your help,