What Pref. Setting ctrls the color of Part Names in Key Ed

I’ve been fitzing around with the Preferences colors to try & lighten things up a bit. In the process I’ve messed up the contrast for those flags on the ruler in the Key Editor that mark the start & end of the Part being edited. So now the part name on the flags can’t be read. Does anyone know which specific setting controls the flag’s color.

In general it would be nice to know what elements each color setting affects. The names shown can be both cryptic & incomplete.


I check this, and it seems as a bug to me. Once I change the Focus Zone Background from General tab, all rulers switch to light color. Also the MIDI Event border becomes light, and the text is not readable anymore. Actually it even seems, the flag color is over the text, so the text is not visible at all. It doesn’t matter, what color do I select, as the Focus Zone Background.

But after the restart of Cubase, the original ruler color is back, and the borders are visible.

Yeah, that did it. Guess I was too quick to panic (ok I didn’t really panic, I said “f it”, turned everything off & poured myself a drink) :astonished: