What processor to get for optimal Cubase performance on PC.

I’m building a PC for my music production, money is not a huge object, but within reason. I am trying to decide between a 4 core 4790K, or something with 6-8 cores like a 4930K, would having more cores be useful for Cubase? Or should I just try to put more into my ram and get the new DDR4 corsair ram along with a fast Samsung SSD. Anybody with personal experience would be greatly appreciated thank you. :smiley:

Individual core performance is very important - but given the same individual core performance the more cores the merrier as time progresses software multi-threading is only going to get better. However the 4930’s individual cores are 800Mhz slower than the 4790K. So it’s tough to choose right now. Get 32Gb or RAM. I use an SSD just to store sampler sets and big instruments as “normal” tracks load very fast anyway using a traditional harddisk. For instance NI Studio drummer loads in about 1 second from my Samsung SSD - down from about 10 secs before. I also define a static 32Gb windows paging file on the SSD. So even if I page (not very likely) I won’t even notice.