What Program For Burning to CD?

Is it incorrect to assume it doesn’t matter what program you use? Is windows media player accurate?

Aloha ltno,

Don’t know about

windows media player

because I’m on a Mac but
I have used ‘Toast’ for several years now.

Seems to work fine and has some kool features.


It certainly does matter - but it does also depend on exactly what you need it to do.
If you need PQ codes and DDP mastering for replication, you’ll be needing something like WaveLab or GEAR Pro Mastering Edition. If you only need to throw a few songs onto a disc, then WMP might do the job as long as you have got all the crappy DSP turned off (volume levelling, any EQ and processing etc).
Any sample rate conversion or bit depth reduction should be done properly too - not on the fly, as media players will often just truncate.

+1, Even when listening it’s totally crap that all kind off DSP effects are on, you get used to it and then you keep wondering that on different places it seems to sound like crap!

crap glad I asked! the last round I had “apply volume leveling across tracks” checked.

ugh that throws off the relative levels I had in my head.

what other effects do I need to check for? don’t think I have any audio dsp running

Regarding windows mediaplayer, when playing back songs the DSP can have influence (just the listening, effect for examples: SRS-WOW, EQ, Dynamics and more), when burning these effect aren’t used to influence the sound to be burned on cd, Still I really would recommend Soundforge, wavelab, toast etc etc. Wavelab has lite editions which costs less, here you can visually check your levels and have RMS Loudness tools if needed.