What reproduction template are you using?

You may think I’m stupid but after doing multiple tests with the reproduction templates, I haven’t used Dorico for a while and at this moment I don’t know which template my project loads out of the several that I have created? How can I find out?

The usual one… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Sorry, couldn’t help myself… :wink:

Hi @ximofa , if you open the menu Play/Playback Template… (showing so the Apply Playback Template dialogue window), the Playback template used currently is selected in blue.

To be sure, you can reapply it (or another one as desired), selecting it and clicking the Apply and Close button.

You can also define the default Playback template that Dorico will load/use for future Projects, in Preferences/Play (and you can of course change the Playback Template for a specific project afterwards, with the previous dialogue, if desired).