What RU gonna do [previously :end of time]

Hello fellow musicians :slight_smile:

I posted this song earlier with the comment that the vocals would be rerecorded. Now I did.
I now renamed the working title ‘end of time’ to What RU gonna do.


It’s also edited some more, I put a stepgate on the strings and rearranged some parts.

Some suggested to make it more bezerk towards the end. That was a good pointer that I followed, thanks for that.

I am still not done with the mix, could well be out balance, I spend 6 hours with headphones working on it.

It’s made with Cubase and Korg Analogue edition VST synths.

Mixed with UAD plugs Cambridge, Pultec, Realverb Pro and Native Cubase plugins.
Used a lot of Tone2 Filterbank.

Comments are highly welcome!

Greetz Dylan.

This is better than the other version, Dylan!
Great sounds, I love the middle section. :sunglasses:

My youngest son, Jasper, likes it very much.
He’s dancing now! :smiley:


I agree, it has indeed improved :slight_smile:
The mix seems a bit heavy on the bass, but I only have my in-ears atm, so that might not.

hey dylan, soundin good, really smooth defined mix. the whole body of work connects with the lyrics, ya better ending to.
not sure but are the vocals a tad behind from the last mix?, the lyrics have the strength to be in the listeners face. it might be one of things where the vocals are there in cans but a bit back through the monitors, but don’t hold me to that, :laughing:

Hey Bob,

Mixed them on headphones. So you could be right.
When downmixing I will check it on my monitors.

Greetz Dylan.