What’s coming in 3.0

This may be spitting in the wind, but I thought it would be helpful (and a bit fun) to compile a list of things we’re anticipating in version 3.0.

Of course this comes with the usual caveat that programming and quality control is hard work, and comments made by a Daniel and others aren’t promises. I think everyone here understands that if a certain feature isn’t ready when 3.0 comes, that feature won’t be included. It’s just a way to collate the features, small and large, that are (likely) coming soon.

And let’s avoid commenting with various iterations of “I hope they include ____.” This isn’t intended to be a wish list thread. Stick to features that have been specifically communicated as being a part of the new version. Links to comments by the team are helpful.

“Note on” before expression map CC’s will be fixed.
glissando playback
Velocity control for individual notes
Indicator to display how vertically full a page is
a few general categories of guitar stuff
vertical adjustment of lyric baselines, yay

And of course, condensing, which seems pretty likely for 3.0.

I prefer to be surprised :slight_smile:

ps: congratulations Dan for becoming a Grand Senior Forum Member! I noticed, you have updated your avatar accordingly :wink:

Thank you for all your valuable help!!

Note input: Pitch before Duration

I would be happy with condensing and nothing else. When they implement condensing, it will seriously change the game in engraving.

I missed the paragraph saying this wasn’t a wish list post. Sorry all!

I thought this was not supposed to be a wish list.
Let us be grown up and wait (with suspense) for what will be coming…
drum roll… candle light… surprise
btw, even children nowadays can still do so :wink:

I’m always surprised by how much is in every release. This time round, with the release being pushed back by around 6 months (?) I suspect that we’re either in for an even larger release or something major is being incorporated. Either way, it’ll be fascinating to see what they’ve been working so hard on.

A couple of months ago I started my own Dorico wishlist with four categories - Please, Please / Nice To Have / Completely Dreaming / Bug Fixes. I’ve slowly been adding to it over the past few weeks and it’s quite sizeable now. I did it not to pass it on or because I expect any of it but purely to see how many might crop up in V3. If Dan’s list is right, there’s four (and a half) I can cross off already. Bingo.

If anyone is looking for more tips as to what might be coming, this was good advice from Romanos.

You got me seriously excited, but there’s no mention of this in 3.0, just “future.” Lots of features could be added to that category.

Pitch-before duration is what I want more than anything, literally. But as far as I can tell, no specifics from the team on when it’s coming.

You Finale-converts are weeeeird.

We’re a bunch of music engravers. We’re all weird.

Not a wish list, but an extrapolation of the features we’ve seen added so far. Flow Headings was unexpected but amazing, and I think we’re going to see ‘building’ on existing feature sets in similarly amazing and unexpected ways.

More Editors seem likely: Clefs? Instruments?

I would have thought improved capabilities for Master Pages and Layouts, including something that does away with the need for templates with your “House Style” Master Pages. As said, the improvement over Propagate Properties might be there.

But to echo what Daniel sometimes says: I’m not asking to see my solutions, but rather Dorico’s solutions to my particular problems.

If history is any indication, we would start seeing previews of new features in John Baron’s “Discover Dorico” sessions a month or two before the official release.

(Yeah, I’d like to see pitch-before-duration too, but I don’t expect it this time around.)

Why not adapt/accept to the duration/pitch input instead of wanting it the finale way? One thing that I read all the time on the forum is not to use Dorico in a Sibelius/Finale way, but accept its new way. So…?

Sorry, I strongly disagree here. And I certainly have been a poster child for doing things the “Dorico way.”

When I’m writing a piano part, I’m constantly noodling to decide what I like. I much prefer to find the voicings I want, hold down the chord, and press a number for duration.

As it is now, I have to constantly move in and out of note input mode. I’m often “inputting” a string of notes by accident when I though I was just auditioning. Believe me, I tried to acclimate to duration-first for more than a year now, using Dorico sometimes 5 hours a day, and I just can’t get over it. I vastly prefer Finale’s way here. It’s difficult to convey how awkward I still find this. Of course for everything else Dorico does, I’m as happy as a clam.

It’s been discussed elsewhere on the forum. Everyone is welcome to their opinion.

We’re also moving the AutoSave folder, making it possible to change the font for multi-bar rest numbers, ensuring that lyrics get fully selected in the popover when you advance input by typing a hyphen, adding a spin control to allow you to specify the precise MIDI controller and tempo value in Play mode, and improving the way mixer channels are named

However, we will not be including Finale-style “speedy entry” tools in the next version, I’m afraid, though it’s definitely something we are keen on adding in the future. Likewise for better management of library items and settings from one project to another, and doing away with the need for Propagate Properties: these are big and complicated bits of work, and we have been working on enough other big and complicated things that these didn’t make the cut for this release.

Oh, and of course, in case anybody doubts it, the next major release will also a great deal of other things besides those things I may have mentioned to date. There are changes coming across more or less every area of the program. Hopefully at least some of them will come as a pleasant surprise to you.

That said, I know that many of you will still be waiting for your particular favourite features even after the next release. However, provided you all put your hands in your pockets and buy it (even though it doesn’t contain absolutely everything you wanted), it won’t be the last release we ever do, and we’ll have further chances to get to your specific favourites in future updates.

and doing away with the need for Propagate Properties


I’m sorry to say that you’ve misunderstood me, rkrentzman: I wrote above that we will not be doing away with the need for Propagate Properties in the forthcoming version. Reworking the way properties are set and how they are presented to users is a big and complicated bit of work, and we have not been able to prioritise that work for the next major version.

Always a pleasure to read you, Daniel!