What’s the best approach of grouping in score/parts?

I used to group the dynamics to align them in every system in parts and main score, but now realized that grouping isn’t layout independent, meaning that grouping something in one changes again the grouping in the other.

My approach is now that I first group dynamics within a system in the score, then in the parts and then adjust again those dynamics that became unaligned in the score, by dragging those dynamics in engrave mode. This works because dragging is layout independent.

Would this be the best approach or is there a better way that doesn’t involve dragging?

I don’t think there is a good approach that will guarantee that the dynamics will always be aligned across the width of the system in both the score and the part without this kind of intervention. However, I would question it as an editorial practice, unless you’re working on music with special requirements, e.g. specifically for beginning musicians.