What’s the best timesaver you’ve ever discovered?

ofc in Cubase/Nuendo

Mine is Key Commands for Vocal Alighment tool (Add Ref,Add Target,Alighn)


Honestly for me it’s pretty basic, but learning the key commands for Setting the loop markers to the selected clip “P”, Loop On/Off “/” and the various navigation controls for moving around the timeline i.e. (“G/H” for zoom, “Shift+G/H” for vertical zoom).

They are all massive timesavers.

Also when i realised that you can move around the variaudio markers using cursor left/right keys and also move the pitches up and down via up/down keys is such a massive time saver if you’re working out some new vocal melodies.


Hm, there are quite a few of them.

  • “Time Folder” macro. Creates a tempo track, a signature track, a chord track and a regular marker track, paints them black, puts them in a folder, names the folder “Time”, paints it black, and folds it.

  • Assigning Favorite DOPs, to quickly apply particular EQ settings and gain.

  • Assigning and using all of the following: Track/Channel Filters, Visibilty Agents, and Visibilty Configurations, with “Sync Project & Mixconsole” activated or deactivated depending on the workflow.

  • Assigning keycommands for Edit Insert X on selected channel, Close All Plug-in Windows, Show/Hide Plug-ins. (The very first one involves using Bome and the Generic Remote, the other two are available as key-commands)

  • Workflow related: Many times I forget using Shared Copies for MIDI parts, and then if I want to change something up, or polish it a bit, I have to go through another pass of copying and pasting, or duplicating. If I don’t forget about them, it goes faster.

  • The same as above for grouping events to move them. Many times I forget about it and fumble around with the mouse. Somewhat rare to forget about making a part out of audio events to accurately move them, but sometimes I do that too and waste my time.

  • I use Shift-F a lot, and Shift-S.

  • The same goes for Shift-B, Shift-N, which I have also assigned to buttons on my mouse. I use regular markers most of the times, and it makes navigating my project much easier.

  • For all this to happen without running out of keyboard, I am relying on my 12" android tablet and Touch Portal. I am sure I am forgetting much more.

That’s a nice thread, I can’t wait for the pros to post their own favorite timesavers!


Huge! How you manage to rename folder? i have macro to group track (selects tracks, put into group, put into folder) but i can only give GRP name, can’t figureout how to name folder also

Agree! btw, bind mine to my mouse buttons (Logitech MX518 with software it came), and vertical zoom it’s huuuge!

I’ll post the macro/ple combo when I get home in a couple of hours. Off the top of my head (could be wrong), I use the PLE to rename the black folder named “Folder” to “Time”. The catch is, that’s the first thing I do in an empty project. In other cases I have probably set it up already in a template (another huge time saver, using templates!)

Here it is:

Time Folder

You give the command and press enter to skip the naming of the marker track. You can always skip the marker track and it will execute without the need to press enter.

(I just realized I can click on the bottom right corner to view the picture in its normal size)


shift+option (alt on windows?) and left click anywhere on the timeline to move the playhead to wherever you click, without selecting anything.

Biggest time saver for me


Ooh I love these kinds of threads I always learn stuff even after years of use


Also, I found assign “delete” on Esc button, very helpful.
Also, fade in/out to “~”

Setting up a key command to increase velocity by 3, and another similarly to reduce by 3. I use it dozens of times per day, possibly hundreds

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High suggest trying this experiment - disable those G/H Shift+G/H zoom commands so that you can no longer use them and to force you to use the other zoom commands, specifically:

-Zoom To Selection (for me Alt+S)
-Zoom To Selection Horizontally (for me Alt+Shift+S)
-Undo Zoom (for me Alt+z)
-Redo Zoom (for me ctrl+alt+z)
-Zoom Tracks Full (For me Alt+Shift+F)
-Zoom Project Full (for me Shift+F)

once you’ve got those incorporated and memorized, create and add your five Zoom Presets and assign them to key commands. I assigned mine to Shift+F1 to F5.

I can hit all those zoom commands with only my left hand. Personally, I found this to be very nice workflow. Since re-enabling my G/H zoom commands, I hardly ever use them.

I also use Zoom Tracks Exclusive, but some people don’t like it.


Getting a gamer mouse with buttons… you can map key commands onto each button as well as various mouse scroll options using their software. You can also toggle the mouse profile to different user settings for each DAW you’re using. One for Protools, one for Cubase, one for dorico, and just map all the buttons for same/ similar functions. Voila!

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Very precise! I like it. Will incorporate this.

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Try using a pen tablet instead of a mouse. For editing midi piano roll & controller lanes it helps me work 2x or 3x faster. Also o4ne of the pen buttons is assigned to ‘pan & scroll’. Very fast & precise navigation.

+1 on assigning UI related key commands to left hand (or non-mouse hand). Try show/hide panels & inspectors, channel settings panel, show instrument, switch workspaces, etc. Not needing to look down or switch hands helps the flow.


i found one cool thing, for mixing.
add 3 Cue’s in control room
1 Cue - sonarworks (headphones or monitors)
2 Cue - Reverence reverb with Iphone-ipad IR file
3 Cue - Reference track

and assighn it to shortcut. Very very helpful!
Whats important, it’s “refresh” your ears

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Can add my way:
I’m using Logitech MX518 with Logitech software, which can assign mouse profile to each application.
My assignment at mouse:

  • Snap to grid
  • show/hide lines
  • vertical zoom
  • Alignment tool (add Reference, Add target, Align)
  • zoom to selected (macro, hide all, keep selected track zoom in)

Keep in mind, you can assign 1 mouse button with 3 modifiers (J,Shift+J,Ctrl+J,Shift+j, Ctrl+Shift+J & etc.)

At my home i’m using Razer Naga 2012, same algorithm, but more buttons. BUT! Razer Naga 2012 (only 2012) has one big disappointment - extra buttons is too flat, you can’t immediately recognize at which position your finger is.

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another time-saving macro for me.

Very helpful after recording, and comping vocal

  • Track version - Duplicate
  • Select all on track
  • Bounce
    In this case, its much more easy to use Alignment Tool. you just add 1 Reference event. and original audio, stay untouched

Wanna share some workflow experience with my “new” pc keyboard Logitech G510S.
ebay around 50$

G1 - switch Mix-Cue2 - in control room, to fast listen my mix & reference (super useful)
G2 - mono-stereo preset in CR
G3 - listen selected channel
G4 - VariAudio tool - when open audio editor, it automatically start VariAudio scan
G5, G6 - events to part, dissolve part
G7 - Show Tracks with Selected Events
G8 - Undo visibility changes (i was schooled to discover this feature, well done Steinberg!)

And it’s only M3 layer of keyboard (M1-M2-M3)
Also in Logitech software you can assign colorligh for each layer

This small things strongly speed up my workflow :muscle:!
The big problem, its you need time to remember all assighments


And it’s got 3 banks too? 54 extra buttons in all? :ok_hand:t2: Exquisite.

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