What’s the best way to share instrument with other developer?

It’s two of us who working on the same instrument. And its .vstpreset file has absolute paths (to .lua script used in the Program, .xml Macro page, .png bitmap or other images), which exist on my computer and are irrelevant to a computer of my colleague.

So what’s the easiest and best of sharing updated instrument in this situation? Without necessity to update all absolute paths…

Hi @olmerk

I think it’s best to create a project folder that contains all the resources, samples, scripts, presets…

To achieve relative paths you need to use export preset instead of save preset function. After exporting the preset and loading it you can use save after making changes. It’s just the first time it’s important to use export instead of save.

Then just share the whole project folder. When you check the file paths for samples, scripts… it will still show the absolute path but it should resolve the paths correctly after moving the project folder to different location or computer. As long as you keep the structure of project folder intact.

Having said that I sometimes get missing samples warning after moving project folder to different computer. But that’s usually easily resolved by pointing it to search in samples subfolder of the project folder and then saving the preset.


Do I understand correctly that during the export to a new working directory copying of samples can’t be skipped? Sometimes samples are huge chunk of information and duplicating can be time- and space-consuming.

If you select the Export Files option it looks like you cannot skip exporting samples.

But you can also export just the vst preset file itself. My understanding is that the location where you export the preset is considered to be the project directory root folder. So if you already have a folder that contains all the resources and samples then export just the preset to that folder.