What shall I do, if I find a bug?

What shall I do, if I find a bug?

I tried to import Music-xml (made with Logic) and now Dorico hangs.

Can you zip up the MusicXML file that you tried to open, and attach it here? We’ll take a look.

Thank you! I tried it 4 times. I get 2 crashes and 2 times Doric hangs.
Fantasie gis-moll12.xml.zip (55.8 KB)

I tried more MusicXML (made with Logic): Some (little songs) I can open. Complex compositions are not possible (but I can open some of this compositions in Finale, but not all).

Unfortunately this MusicXML file has some very nasty values in it. It looks like a bug in Logic’s MusicXML export, I’m afraid. Obviously Dorico should ideally not crash when it encounters a file like this, but the numbers inside the file are really pretty crazy. I have a contact at Apple in the Logic team so I will raise this issue with them so that they can hopefully resolve it in a future Logic update.

Thank you, I also sent the MusicXML to Apple.

I’m experiencing similar problems when attempting to import the following MusicXML file (from Finale).
Intermezzo-Corrected-04.xml.zip (24.4 KB)

We’ll take a look. I can see some worrying-looking things appearing in our debugger when you try to open the file, and it does indeed cause a crash.

Thanks, Daniel.

It’s a rather complicated Brahms piece, with a lot of rather elaborate use of voices and layers. I’m guessing that’s what causing the problem. I’d be happy to provide the Finale file or a pdf if that would be of any help.

Richard, our lead tester, has looked at the MusicXML file, and the problem is caused by the sextuplet in bar 48: it looks like it has a rest, and then the remainder of the sextuplet is taken up by a single note that doesn’t have a element set for it, which is pretty peculiar. The file does open up in Finale Notepad, but Dorico doesn’t like it because it relies on notes having the element defined.

That’s peculiar indeed, especially since there is no difference between bar 48 and the previous bar 47, except for the pitches. Maybe I’m missing something?

The difference is presumably down to a bug of some kind in Finale’s MusicXML export, though of course ideally Dorico should still be able to open it. If you manually add the necessary line quarter in both bars 48 and 49 of the MusicXML file, Dorico will at least open it, but because the tuplet doesn’t add up in Dorico’s understanding of how these things should work, you’ll find that the notes in those tuplets and any subsequent notes in that voice won’t be imported, though the file itself will then import otherwise intact.

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Thanks so much, Daniel!

Unfortunately, I don’t read XML code, so it’s difficult to fint the right place to paste the missing lines in the file.
This was just a test, though, to see how well Dorico deals with MusicXML generated by Finale. Evidently, it’s not without it’s problems.

No, I think in general MusicXML import from any program is not without its problems, because it’s possible to do things in all other programs that can be represented in a number of ways in MusicXML, and there’s often no one or “right” way to represent them. Inevitably a program that wants to import MusicXML requires a load of heuristics and special cases for the particular quirks of each exporter (I daresay this will end up being true for other applications that want to import MusicXML from Dorico, too), and although we have been using MusicXML files generated in both Finale and Sibelius as a main source of test data for Dorico over the past four years, of course there will be cases we haven’t seen or considered until now.

I believe that Logic only exports to Final Cut Pro XML unfortunately.

Thanks, Daniel.

I recognize that. Hopefully the current work on the standard will yield better results across all applications.

Here’s another file that Dorico doesn’t handle properly.
Elegy.xml.zip (14.9 KB)
I’m not sure which program generated it. It opens fine in the Soundslice MusicXML viewer, but in Dorico, even though it opens, no music is displayed. Here’s a screenshot after import:
Skjermbilde 2016-10-20 kl. 11.58.18.png
Edit: I’m sorry, Daniel. The file did indeed open, albeit with notes in the wrong octave and without recognition of a third independent voice (the Soundslice viewer had the same issues). I just hadn’t selected the player when viewing the full score, which caused the empty screen.

Transposing all three pages in one go takes quite a long time, though (about 40 seconds on my relatively new macbook pro), since each note seems to transpose one after the other.

That’s not correct. If you display a Logic project in the Score window it will export to Music XML.

Interestingly I opened your file ok in Sibelius, whereas Dorico gave a ‘Wrong file format’ message. From it’s appearance in Sibelius (one voice with lots of ties bass notes) it looked like a file that might have originally been imported from MIDI). So I imported it into Logic, displayed it on two staves in Logic (hence two voices) and it then imported perfectly into Dorico.
ElegyL.xml.zip (6.94 KB)
Of course it’s now on two staves and, as a guitar score it needs to be one one. I haven’t yet discovered how to do that in Dorico, but I sure it must be possible!