What Software/Equipment do I need to compose?

Hey everyone!

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I was curious how to approach music production and composition. I’m looking to invest money and a lot of time into it because it is my passion, and am curious if Cubase Pro is a good way to go. Without too much detail, I am a classically (and jazz) trained musician, I’ve taught myself a bit of Reaper and making my own songs with free VST’s. I don’t like the live recording and feel of Reaper however and watching demonstrations on how to use Cubase on youtube looks really fun and visually a lot easier. So my question is, do I need Cubase pro, and are there any advantages to having a Steinberg Audio Interface to help me interact with Cubase for my midis and mics? If so, what do you all recommend?

Thank you!


For your first question if you need Cubase Pro. I will recommend that you take a look at the comparison page to see if there which version has the features your need.
For your second question about the audio interface, the answer is no. Other “Non Steinberg” audio interfaces works just as well as the Steinberg ones.

Start with a demo of Elements since you don’t need the USB eLicenser to run the trial AND you will find out if it’s enough for your needs. If you later decide you need to upgrade there is always at least some discount applied.

I have used Steinberg interfaces in the past and though they are fine I don’t think they have any advantages that make them worth the extra money.