What sound card should i get next?

I am currently using Soundblaster X-FI Titanium HD, a nice card since i am doing some gaming and music making, but i am moving more to music making now and and something with better audio quality. (i still like games though). Ok sure, maybe i should first get better monitor-speakers…

But, here is the question:

What kind of soundcard you recommend? I do electronic music and i am using VST’s only. It has to have ASIO support of course, but i don’t need any external connections for guitars etc. because i am not recording any guitars or microphones (microphone connection is still good to have).

The soundcard can be internal or external.

And stupid question: Do all “pro” soundcards have ASIO support? I mean even my soundblaster has ASIO…


for lowest latency, top Sound and top Drivers I would recommend to get an RME soundcard.

Have a look at their Website. There are a lot of Options, internal and external.

For gaming and surround Sound you can of course leave the soundblaster in place.

Cheers, Ernst

RME is somewhat overkill if you’re not recording external instruments, vocals or have external effects.

Just get a dedicated music soundcard by tascam or presonus etc that you can get cheap.

If you fancied a mixer desk/audio interface you could maybe look at that as the presonus studiolive is still pretty cheap considering and has flying faders etc.

I use this: http://www.steinberg.net/en/products/audio_interfaces/ur_serie/modelle/ur22.html
Its much better then any internal soundcard that is used for games.
Sure you do not get surround sound with it, but there is other you can use for that.
My point is that you should never use an internal soundcard. They always had a bad noise in them.
Last week I compared this interface with a friends gaming gear, that cost a lot of money. The friend used to think the audio was very good. But that was before he listen on this interface. Now he will look for an external interface, like mine.

Well, i bought my Soundblaster because it has “audiophile quality components”. This one cost me over 200 euros when it was new :smiley: I have never heard any audio coming from external soundcards so i can’t compare but i believe they have superiour sound quality.

That UR22 looks really promising and the price is not bad at all. Does it have volume control for speakers? I have Active Monitors but these don’t have volume control so currently i am using these monitors trough a normal Harman/Kardon amplifier.

Also, is UR22 capable of 44.1khz / 24-bit? output? And are there any other specs available like Signal-To-Noise ratio? THD? Frequency response? Or are those numbers just a marketing trick? In my soundblaster there is a BIG sticker on the box: 124dB SNR! And this card sure has good sound quality.



I always recommend having a passive volume control between electronically-controlled audio interfaces and active speakers, as a hung program or computer can leave high-level audio on the interface outputs with no way to turn it down.

I use an SMPro M-Patch 2 so I can have two isolated passive paths from my RME and the internal card, and switch between them. If you just need a simple passive control, the SMPro nanoPatch will do it.

Use the cubase control room. It gives you a fader for output and headphone buss if you want to control volume.

The UR22 has output controls and can do 24/192.