What specifically is new about editing to picture?

In the New Features, it lists “Improved editing to picture - Enhanced tools for video soundtrack production.”

What, specifically, is new? I noticed that we still don’t have the ability to export to video, which is a very basic necessity of film scoring so that we can send out demos for approval…it’s amazing that this one has been ignored for so many years. We’re all laying it in in Pro Tools and other apps because Cubase can’t do it. It was also touted as a future update to 9.0, which never came. Can we get some news on where Steinberg is on the timeline for this?

“Video Follows Edit Mode” is new in C10 (taken from Nuendo).

Regarding export to video:

And the “Audio Alignment” tool for better ADR (Also taken from Nuendo) or better dialogue editing.

But without the ‘export to video’ feature, this version 10 will rather feel incomplete to me too, specially for film composers.

Does the Edit Mode work with midi notes in the editors?

It’s a shame that we still cannot Export Videos. I would have though that the number 10 would have brought that for sure. They say they are working on it’s been a while now. Let’s hope it will be worth the wait.

I’m a recent convert to Cubase who has not done film work per say, but for many years I scored to pic for TV. The exporting Video thing is not really an issue for me. The reason is… I find it much more efficient to spit out a .wav file (Which Cubase and other DAWs do very efficiently) and then render a PIC file on my secondary computer with a video app. This allows me to keep working on my main computer and the PIC file is created with specs to fit my need at that time. Is just going for reference? or client review? I also love to work with streamers, so I usually create a work print video that I created anyway.

I kinda like my audio apps doing audio and my video apps doing video.

That’s not really efficient, Jimbo88. There are many people who do it that way, but computers are very fast now. A separate video rig isn’t necessarily the only way any more (and really, if you consider what little processing power it takes to run video with the monster cards we have nowadays…heck, my phone can play 4K videos). Not to mention for people who just don’t have a separate video rig. In fact, streamers would be great to have in Cubase, as well. DP has them. But yes, for quick approvals, video export is a must. It takes extra time to go open another app and lay it in, whichever app you use. Even if you have a print rig, it’s slowing down the process.

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You could easily write something that will mux audio with a video file

It does. I just tested it.

I forgot about this feature. I don’t work with video much but I’m sure it will come in handy eventually.