What the? Cubase has frozen :(

The weirdest thing… Cubase won’t respond to my mouse or keyboard. It hasn’t crashed, but I can’t save either. And it’s currently playing and I can’t stop it… Hopefully the autosave will kick in before I quit.

You have a MIDI loop or a syncronization problem somewhere.


How so? My sync settings are on internal and what do you mean by a MIDI loop problem?

So sorry for the long delay in answering, I have not been back to the forum for a bit. I midi loop is when you have a double trigger of a MIDI event from more than one MIDI input to the same place. A loop if you will. If you listen carefully, you might be able to actually hear the double trigger a nonasecond later. If you play a couple of chords or a long run on a MIDI device, the events pike up and it can cause a crash or a freeze which really sounds wierd.
Commonly happens if you set the MIDI output of a trac to the same input, and then turn on the monitoing button.

I sync problem can be cause if both an exteranl device, sound module or especially a drum machine and or an audio interface like the MOTU line is set to internal clock at the same time Cubase is.

Your system is almost identical to mine. I am trying to update my signature section but do not remember how to. SOmething at the bottom says UCP? User something Page?

This might sound strange but does it say ‘Cubase’ in the top left of the screen next to the Apple logo?

What about accidentally hitting the “input position” key and it stuck on in the Transport Panel? Some times I accidentally hit my key for that and it seems like Cubase froze while playing, then I notice that the bar number in the Transport Panel is highlighted and I hit escape.

…just an idea.

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Strangely enough, since updating to 6.0.2, it no longer freezes or crashes. I don’t think it was a MIDI loop problem or a sync problem. And Fitz, it did say Cubase at the top left when it froze. It was definitely a Cubase problem and nothing else. But all has been sorted now with the update. Thanks for your replies.