What the deal with the NEK 5.5 Archives - Corrupt 3 times ?


Finally getting around to installing N5.5 and low and behold - when I attempt to install the NEK 5.5 package (the two large RAR files - I am getting about about a thousand CRC errors a second while unpacking the archives. And I have done this three times now. I can confirm the byte count of my files are is identical with the server download and have used two different FTP clients.

Any help would be appreciated.


That’s 4 downloads now and no cee-gar. I think I finally have a correct Part 2…but I am onto download #5 of Part 1…the last two copies of the files had 23 and 13 CRC errors each.

I may have to get a DVD from Steiny at this rate :slight_smile:


Whew. Finally got a good archive.

Turns out it was MS Security Essentials…on a whim I turned it off during the download and part 1 came down with no errors at all. Was finally able to extract everything correctly and got it installed.

On the go forward - please consider placing “recovery data” inside archives of this size. It would really help users deal with errors without having to redownload such large archives over and over again.