What the heck did I hit?

I was trying to hit the keyboard shortcut for a macro I made and I must have missed because it messed up my track display. One of my tracks is really big and the other ones are really small. I mean vertically.

What did I hit and can I undo it? I’ve done this before and it ticks me off.

“Enlarge Selected Track” Pref and Key Command?

I don’t think that’s it because I have no key assigned to that one, and it not only enlarged the selected track, but it shrunk all the other tracks to minimum size.

Thanks for the reply!

I hit something that made the track way larger than the Enlarge Selected Track option.

Oh, but I just found the vertical zoom in and out. Nice!

I use a Mac, but I also have BootCamp. In Mac, I use Command+Z as shortcut for undo like everyone else.
In bootcamp (windows) I sometimes mistakenly out of habit hit Command+Z instead of Control+Z to undo, and what you said happens.
I have no idea which OS you’re using, but I hope this helps.

Oh, I’m using Mac too. I should have said that. Control-Z is actually the key I’m using for my macro and the one I was trying to hit, so it must be somewhere around there. Thanks for the reply!

You are most welcome. :slight_smile:

If it shrinks the others while enlarging the selected track, then it’s Zoom Tracks Exclusive.

Oh crap, well that’s mapped to just plain ole Z, so no wonder. Thank you so much!