What the... ? Upgrade ordering issue for Canada

When I try to order the upgrade from C5 to C6 with my shipping address set to Canada, everything works, it lets me choose payment, but it gives me this bizarre message: http://i55.tinypic.com/2hfj4gi.jpg

If my shipping address is set to the USA, it processes the order correctly and doesn’t give me that message. What does ordering a C5 -> C6 upgrade have to do with being a student and needing to supply proof of academic studies? Or maybe more to the point, what does having my shipping address be in Canada have to do with being a student and needing to supply proof of academic studies?

I just changed my order to ship to the USA and problem solved. Strange issue, though.

I had this same issue today. I think this particular issue is a glitch in the shopping cart system. If you add the C6 upgrade before signing into the online Store then try to checkout as a Canadian customer, it blocks you with an errant “student” license page. If you try to complete the order, it just gives you an error. (Notice how you are not able to add Cubase 6 to the cart after logging in with a Canadian customer profile.)

AFAIK this has always been Steinberg.com’s policy. They will not ship to Canada from the US, you have to purchase Cubase and any upgrades via Steinberg Canada (http://www.steinbergcanada.ca) As of this posting, they don’t even have Cubase 6 listed on the site.

I went through the same thing when upgrading from C4 to C5. Always frustrating.

Oh, well that’s silly. They should fix that ASAP. I’m lucky in that I can order it to my dad’s place in the US and he’ll bring over sometime soon. Otherwise, I’d be fricking annoyed.

I’m sure it will get sorted. Today was the first day it’s been available. I’m just waiting for it to show up on the Canadian site. It’s anyone’s guess how long that may take. Days? Weeks?

Almost 9 months later, still no upgrade purchase info… not even 6.5