What to do when a program plugin causes a crash

Nuendo 12 only crashes when I try to open this one particular project. The error is because of a Nuendo plugin (so it’s no use deactivating third party plugin to find the problem). I have tried disabling program preferences, but the problem persists.

Other similar projects open without a problem

Thank you

Nuendo 12-2023-11-03-093516.ips (90.3 KB)

I don’t know much about Mac. But if you know the plugin, you can try renaming the *.dll to *.#dll. Or the complete entire VST folder that Nuendo uses. Then Nuendo no longer finds any plugins when starting.
Then remove the plugin you are looking for in the project and undo the renaming. Not elegant but worth a try.

The safe mode message at program start indicates an error with the following file:

Applications/Nuendo 12.app/Contents/VST3/Nuendo Plug-in Set.vst3/Contents/MacOS/Nuendo Plug-in Set com.steinberg.vst3.pluginset.nuendo

After temporarily removing the Nuendo Plug-in Set.vst3 file from the folder, the project opened, with the 3 missing Nuendo plugins listed, i.e. EQ, Brickwall limiter and Mixconvert. I completely removed the Brickwall limiter and Mixconvert plugins from the project and moved the Nuendo Plug-in Set.vst3 back to it’s folder.

After restarting the same error persists. Does this mean it’s the Nuendo EQ that’s giving the error?

I would try a complete uninstall and then reinstall of Nuendo.
Including rebooting after uninstall, and rebooting after reinstall.

Also, to be safer, run Onyx for Mac, let it to a complete maintenance routine.

Mac user here…