What to do when !THIS! happens to a Plugin? Can it's settings be salvaged?

This just happened to a project I opened. There are 3 plugins with !!! around them. All 3 of these plugins are functional and I can load a new instance of them into the project no problem.

Here’s my question for the future: does this mean the in-project tweaks I made to those 3 plugin can’t be salvaged? Does anyone know a way to “reload” that instance of the plugin so I can recover those in-project tweaks?

What you’re seeing might be Cubase not finding the right plugin. This can happen with plugins where versions are not backwards compatible.

In those cases, you might need to re-install the older version of the plugin to get to the project specific tweaks.

For example I had to re-install Ozone 7 to get my old project to load properly, although I had Ozone 8 installed.

This is not something under Cubase control, but it depends on how the plugin maker deals with upgrades.

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Just turn off delay compensation.


I hadn’t messed with the delay compensation and had just opened this project, you think somehow the !!! are due to that?

@Nico5 Unfortunately I discarded the instances of the trouble plugins, but I will try both of these things if the issue ever comes up again and report back. Thanks

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I was wrong. With the delay compensation you don’t have the!!! Around the plugin name. That’s there when a plugin can’t be found.
Maybe the plugins in your project are vst2 versions and now you have the vst3 version installed.
In that case install vst2 again, open your project and make presets of the current state of the plugins and if possible load those into the vst3 version.

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FYI this happened again with another plugin from a different project. The plugin in general is working fine and I was able to load in a new instance of it. But the specific instance of it with !!! cannot be opened.

I’m curious that there seems to be nothing online about this. I guess it’s not too common of a problem…