What to do when Transport went out of window?

This has happened a few times that I finally decided that I need to know a solution. How do you bring back the transport window back when it is out of the perimeters of the window? No matter how I use my mouse click, I could not pull it back. Thank you.

If you click on the Transport window so it’s in focus, then type Alt+Space, it should bring up the window’s system menu, which contains an item Move. Activate this, and you should then be able to move the window with the arrow keys.

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Thank you for your reply. It just happened again and I tried your method. I could get to alt+space and select the Move option, however I couldn’t drag it anywhere despite selecting the move option. I managed to solve it by changing the orientation of my screen from landscape to portrait so that the height of the screen is increase. Then, I could bring it back. I am using Windows 11 by the way. Thank you for your help.

Once you’ve selected the Move menu item, you don’t drag it, but rather move it with the arrow keys on your keyboard, hitting Return when you’ve got it to the desired position.

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FWIW - I was a hold out, but I bless my stream deck every day just for having the transport and move controls to hand, regardless of window or where the focus is. Thanks to Dorico for the remote api that makes it possible and to Notation Central.