What to do with C7 files after installing C7.5

Hey there, just wanted to ask if theres anything you should do after updating to Cubase 7.5

I read somewhere that its a good idea to dump C7 preference files, I recently updated my OS
to Win 8.1 to see how Cubase will perform on it, so I want to make sure everything is running
as smoothly as possible

Thanks you, PK

Aloha P,

No need to dump pref files here.

C5.5/6.5/7.06/7.5 all live and work in harmony.

All preferences files and key commands etc seem to work fine
across all four programmes.


I would say try your previous settings first and if they are causing any sort of issue the delete your preferences and just copy over the key commands :wink:

Cool, thanks guys!

Loving C7.5 interface in Win8.1 btw, really nice