What to do with the Pre Dorico 5 files

Today I upgraded to Dorico 5 but still have folders and files related to Dorico 4 and even 3,5. I can see that the Dorico 5 install has copied across the files relating to endpoint configurations and templates etc. so ideally at some point I would like to delete the Dorico 4 and Dorico 3.5 files and folders to recover drive space. In Windows 10 it provides the option in apps to uninstall Windows 4. I have done nothing at this stage but would like to remove the older Dorico versions providing this does not disrupt the operation of Dorico 5. What are the correct steps to achieve this. For instance, do I remove Dorico 4 from the SDA somehow? Do I uninstall in Windows 10 apps?

Dorico 5 is a complete different application, so uninstalling Dorico 4 shouldn’t affect it at all.

Unless you’re using Playback templates with large VST preset data from big sample libraries, the amount of data in the support folders is likely to be only a few Megabytes.



You can’t do this - which is annoying. I wish that SDA processed the list of products you own to filter out products that are no longer relevant, and then either give you the option to hide outdated versions or showed them in a separate “My Products (older versions)” section.

I’ve got an old Cubase Pro upgrade showing in My Products that would not work if I downloaded it, as I crossgraded my Cubase licence to Nuendo back in the days when crossgrading meant that you lost the Cubase licence. Cubase should be filtered out as irrelevant.

SDA also shows old versions of Absolute, Dorico and Spectralayers in My Products. Worse still, as the sort is ascending alphanumeric, Absolute 5 appears before Absolute 6, Dorico 4 appears before Dorico 5 and Spectralayers 8 appears before Spectralayers 9. If the older versions were filtered out of My Products, I could still use the product-specific sections of SDA to install the older versions if I needed them for some reason.

As @benwiggy says, it is standard practice to leave application data for old versions in place. These files rarely take much space unless it is something like an abandoned multi-gigabyte cache folder for a video or photo editing application.

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