What to name your project and tracks?

Hello! This is my first forum and I hope to enjoy a friendly forum regarding the question: What do name your projects and tracks in cubase to keep organised?

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The best method to keep your projects organized is to make sure you create each project in it’s own folder location. This is accomplished by starting a new project using the Steinberg Hub with the option “Prompt for Project Location” activated. Then, when you create a project from a template (or an empty one) you will be prompted to choose a project folder location. From there you would choose the folder location where you want to store your Cubase projects. Then, you click on the “New Folder” button and name it whatever you want and click on the “Select Folder” button to start the project

Your project will be stored in that location (after you save it at least once) and all audio will be stored in it’s own automatically created sub folder named “Audio”.

From there the naming convention for projects and audio files really is up to you. I usually start a project with the folder named something that will remind me what it is. Ultimately at some point I change that name to the song title. For the audio files… I will typically change them to show whatever audio was recorded… like (Lead Guitar 01, 02, etc). But, that really is not necessary.

Bottom line, first start making your projects in their own separate folder so you end up having separate project audio pools which will not be mixed/referenced to other projects. If you don’t use a separate folder for each project you will end up with one large audio pool where all audio can be referenced to all projects. Very confusing indeed.

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