What to type in PopUp windows

Is there a listing anywhere of what you can type in PopUp windows to get the desired results?

I know a few of the shortcuts (ie. pp in Dynamics) from the video tutorials, but there are many more available, and I haven’t been able to find a listing anywhere.

The one I’m particularly interested in at the moment is the Hold/Pause PopUp. I experimented around until I found that “fer” gives you a fermata, but a) I’d prefer a single keystroke if there is one, and b) I’d like to know what all the rest are.

In any case, are there lists somewhere?


This has been asked before: Is there a reference for popover commands? - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

Answer: It’s in the works, but not yet done.

Daniel answered again today about that (in a topic about fermatas, shift+H popover) : it should be written in the next few days (if not hours !)

Check out my latest posts at the top of the forum for how to use a couple of the popovers. More to come. I figured these out by simply playing around and taking a few lucky guesses. Kind of fun to figure out, actually!