What type of Audio are you experimenting with in Padshop Pro


I was just curious to know what type of audio material are you loading into Padshop Pro to experiment with sound design ? How long is the audio file you are loading ?

Any great, and cool results so far when using your own audio material in Padshop Pro ?


Nice question, I’d like to hear some examples of what people do with the sample import. Not had a chance to try that myself yet.

I don’t have examples handy (on the road this week), but I’ve been playing with recorded vowels and random words.

I also ended up with some recordings of my dog snoring. It makes for some interesting motor/machinery sounds.

I experiment and load many type of sounds and audio into Padshop Pro. For very deep lush drones, it’s truly a powerful synth. Here, few instances of Padshop for the main drone & pad layers: http://soundcloud.com/red-fog/beyond-the-halogen-halls

Tried a little bit with my own samples…
I hope to get some interesting soundscapes / space / FX sounds from Padshop - will see :slight_smile:


Just purchased a little over a week ago…
Started bringing in some vocal sounds the other night and had much fun.
I’ve saved about 40 user presets so far, everything from synthpads to insect vocaloids and bad noise.
I see/hear the potential for some amazing things though.

Excellent stuff,bravo!