What types of filters does the Cubase VST have?

Many plugins like some Delay, Chorus, Flanger, etc. have Lo Filter and Hi Filter. However in the manuals there is no information on what type of filters they are. Is it Low and High Shelf or Low and High Cut. What is the slope, how many dB per octave is applied, is it 6, 12, 24 dB/oct filter?

Is this information available anywhere?

No info anywhere, but out of curiosity, I sent a noise generator through the flanger and chorus and loaded up an analyzer, it looked like a -30 db shelf (hi/low) at 100% wet.

Thanks @Semarus,

I hadn’t thought of using such a technique to check this. Brilliant idea!

It is true that some people would say to use your ears and if it sounds good, then it’s good… but all the same, it seems to me an interesting and relevant information to give and especially in a manual of instructions.

That said, thank you again for the info and the tip to check.