What version of Cubase AI is free with UR22c interface buy?

i bought the Steinberg 2 channel ur22c online and it came with a free version of Cubase AI or LE i honestly cant remember but if someone has had this same buy can you explain what I’m am supposed to download as far as spectra layers, what version of Cubase AI is it 11 or 12? i should have done this a long time ago being as i got this interface around 2020 and i was using the reaper program at the time and idnt undertsnad everything about the DAW and didnt want to mess anything up but now i realize that cubase can be a great little studio and the free AI verison that came with my buy is on here but i am downloading version 12 and 13 a


Cubase AI license is part of Steinberg hardware. You are allowed always get the latest Cubase version. At this moment it’s Cubase AI 13.