What version of Cubase AI to download?

Few years ago I bought UR22 mk II, and received Cubase AI with it to download. I didn’t do it until now. I have entered requested codes and downloaded Steinberg download assistant, but it offers me everything that is available… pro, elements, artist… I guess that is what everyone see when they open it. But how do I know what to download? I have read that it is Cubase AI but it doesn’t say is it 7, 8, 9, 10?
Also I have downloaded eLiscencer and entered some other code that I received via email, and that did nothing.

Maybe the better question would be. What are the steps to download Cubase AI after registering my UR22?


Yes, with Steinberg hardware is Cubase AI bundled. First activate your Cubase, please. Then you will see the version, you get with your hardware.

Thanks, Martin, but how to activate Cubase if I didn’t download it yet?
As you can see here, everything is activated

So, the question remains:
When I click on download button, it doesn’t offer me software, but a download assistant which then offers me everything. I have seen videos where they download the software with that button, but I cannot… Where did I go wrong?


If you have an Activation Code, you can activate it already. You don’t have to install Cubase to be able to activate.

Martin, thank you for responses, but either I do not understand what you are saying me, or you do not read what I write.
I have activated it, as you can see on the picture. My question wasn’t how to activate a software, it was HOW TO DOWNLOAD it? If I click DOWNLOAD FOR WINDOWS, it downloads the STEINBERG DOWNLOAD ASSISTANT, not the actual CUBASE AI.
And when I open DOWNLOAD ASSISTANT, it gives me options for all CUBASE products from CUBASE 9.5 AI to CUBASE 10.5 PRO. I can only presume that those are TRIAL versions. Where do I go to download the version of CUBASE AI that came with my UR22?


If you have activated your Cubase already, in the eLCC application you can see the exact Cubase AI license, i.e. the exact Cubase AI version, you should download by using the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Thanks once again, but I have really tried everything that is logical. It clearly states Cubase AI, but not the version. Check the picture :arrow_right: :arrow_right: :arrow_right:


Interesting… In that case, I would download the very latest Cubase AI 10.5.

Tried 10.5 and 9.5 and this is what I got:

I have few questions though:

Can a licence expire? I have bought UR22 around 2, maybe 3 years ago and didn’t use the licence wright away. I guess, back then, the active version of Cubase AI was 8, or 8.5 maybe, so my guess is that I had licence for that one. But that software is not available anymore for download. If a licence can expire, I wasn’t informed of that, so I believe I need to talk directly to someone in Steinberg to resolve this issue? What would be your advise?


No, Cubase license cannot expire.

So what to do next?


I would try to reinstall eLCC application as administrator.