What version of cubase do these work for?

I noticed that Cubase 4 does not recognize these, I did notice that cubase 5 does… I was hoping it would work in version 4, let me know please.


The CMC’s will not work with Cubase 4. Please have a look at this chart http://www.steinberg.net/fileadmin/redaktion/2010_Relaunch/Products/Hardware/CMC_series/Downloads/CMC_Cubase_compatibiity_chart.pdf



Thank you for the reply! Appreciated very much.

Sorry, but why on earth are they giving away AI6 with the CMC-QC when it’s not compatible?!

Wish I’d seen that chart before wasting a few hours of my life trying to configure it on spare laptop!

It is compatible, just in a different way.

AI doesn’t use quick controls.

However, the CMC-QC can be used as a standard MIDI controller.

Less compatible!

I wouldnt really mind too much if they informed users more clearly, ie: on the box or manual of the controller.

It’s there!

It’s in the manual (which is online). The compatability chart is online. The NAME of the unit implies the Quick Controls.

The resources are there, clear as day, you just have to look.

I have to say,the way these are sold is completely wrong!
that chart that is floating round on a forum should be on the box,on the site and anywhere else selling them!
basically they do not work at all unless you have new pc and new cubase :imp:
I have various versions of cubase and I cannot use these so I have wasted my money on them
over £1000 for the cmc setup and they dont work,great :open_mouth:
I am now expected to buy new DAW,graphics card,sound card,bin my old DAW,find and install ALL plugins,fight to get them all to work correctly with each other again,lose XP and compatible software
and thats after forking out for Cubase 6.5 which doesnt work with XP :imp: FFS

so to sum it up,what looks like a nice cheap controller which is going to benefit you is really gonna cost you a fortune or not work and be a waste of money

yea,they should put the required specs on the box/shops :open_mouth:

And people can’t look for themselves why? Pre-purchase research is a good thing… :unamused:

Cubase 5 is new?

The chart says that they work with Cubase 5 (which you have).

There are people here on the forum using Cubase 6 with XP. Just because it isn’t a supported OS doesn’t mean that it won’t work.

These things were released AFTER Cubase 6 came out. It makes complete sense that they’ll be supported most fully by Cubase 6.

The lack of pre-purchase research is astounding. :unamused:

And with the internet, looking for product information is easier than ever.
You have the intelligence to make your own informed decisions. Use it! :smiling_imp:
These things are $150 ($199 for the FD). That’s not a small amount of money!

1.no they cant because they’re not looking for it
that should be upfront on the box and on the site!standard!rolling eyes indeed!

2.yes,a lot of people do not use 5 or above,nor should you have to.
5 is fairly new

3.you are wrong,the chart states it works with 5.5 which is even newer
also,I dont have 5.5,I have 5.1,4 & below so it doesnt work with 5

I have 6.5 and as I said it will have to wait until I can afford new DAW with windows7 to even install it
I wouldnt have said it otherwise :unamused:
then I’ll have to go through all the hassle of setting up on new DAW and making it work :frowning:
it’s a full new setup to plug these cmc’s in and use them :open_mouth:

your P taking is what is astounding :unamused: and pathetic keyboard gangster trolling

unfortunately no,we all have to struggle thru these techno loops
forget your rudeness and idiocy,the cmc’s should state their requirements standard! :wink:

I didn’t know the date it was released. 2009 is fairly new.

You haven’t updated? It’s available on the support page.

I don’t even know what that means.

I realize I was somewhat rude. I apologize.

Don’t insult my intelligence. That’s quite rude.

For what it’s worth, the CMCs are just sending MIDI controller messages. They can be made to work.

Woah! this thread is getting a bit intense!

With respect Shinta, I think it’s fair for buyers to assume that the the version of Cubase which is supplied with the CMC-QC will fully work with it.

Should buyers really read the phrase “[lets you control] Cubase versions equipped with the Quick Control function.” and then have to think “right, I must now go and research which Cubase does actually have QC”?

I understand there’s a compatibility chart, but I still think it should be made more obvious to users.

After all, I bought the QC for my studio setup (Cubase 6.5 etc) but when I saw Cubase AI I thought 'that would be ideal for my laptop '. As there’s nothing on the box to say that the bundled AI doesnt work with the QC and it takes a bit of hunting to find out that AI doesnt have Quick controls I’m sure you can see how I wasted time trying to get the 2 working together…

I’ll agree there. However, see my conclusion at the bottom.

Some do. But not everyone. Fair point.

Cubase AI and LE versions are some of Steinberg’s marketing tools. Include in third-party hardware (LE) or Steinberg/Yamaha hardware (AI) and it becomes a sales tool for the higher versions.
So by this realization, why include AI in the CMCs at all? :confused:
(Since the CMCs are marketed towards existing Cubase users. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always nice to have a (or five) free legal copy(s) of Cubase lying around. :slight_smile: )

My points came down to being a better, more informed consumer. No disrespect meant.
Remember: marketing doesn’t tell you what a product can’t do. You usually have to find that out for yourself.

Perhaps because, going by the compatibility chart, all the other CMCs work to a fair extent in all current cubase flavours – no problem with that. The CMC-QC is the only one that has a dash by Cubase AI – meaning incompatible.

Sure, but people respect a company that is open and honest. The minute consumers think a company is being economical with the truth, faith is lost in that company and people become wary.

I’d just like to see a little more transparency from Steinberg in issues like this.

Sorry to hijack this old thread anyway. I think I’m done now! :wink: