what versions are needed to connect???

hello, I can’t connect the same versions of VST Connect se (win 10 cubace pro 10.0.6) and VST Connect performer (mac os mojave 10.14.6) I have tried all possible versions. connection is not working. what versions are needed to connect???

hi mkbees, welcome.
We need more information. The VST Connect versions can be seen when you click the VST Connect logo, in both the plugin, and Performer.
There are two ways to connect: either login with your My Steinberg account and have Performer do the same; the first time you will be asked for a user name, this is what you can then type in the search box of the VST Connect friends view (item at the bottom). Once your friend appears there and is connected, you can double-click it and it will be added to your friends list. From then on, you can connect to your friend by double-clicking his name, provided he or she is online and logged in as well.
The second method ist to use the “ID” button in the VST Connect plugin (do not log in). It will provide you with 2 sets of numbers that you let your buddy know (phone, send email etc). Performer then enters those numbers and clicks the ID button which should get you connected.
If it still doesn’t work out for you pls let us know exactly what you do, and what fails to work as you expect it to.
Good luck!

Hello. I tried all versions of software and connected in different ways… which version of software is relevant for cubase 10.0.6 ?

maybe i need to update cubase to 11 ? and then the latest versions of the plugin will work correctly?

As the messages clearly indicate, you are attempting to connect within your own local network. This is only possible with the PRO version of VST Connect. The SE version can only connect to remote computers.

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my English is not very good)) but you gave me a valuable idea tomorrow I will try to launch one computer from the mobile Internet)

What is the problem that won’t let me connect?

VST Connect uses certain ports (connection points within the Operating System Network) to establish connections. While there are many possible ports, it can happen that more than one application attempts to use the same port that has already been allocated by another app (or service).
If the problem occured just recently, check which applications or services you have installed lately and try to uninstall it to see if VST Connect works again. Said application might also feature to set the communication port number. VST Connect cannot change that number, as it requires a fixed port to establish peer-to-peer connections.
The problem may also just vanish when you try again later, should a service have decided to choose a random port number, so give that a try first.

hello, everything is set up, everything works … please tell me, is it possible to make the inclusion of recording and playback faster? it takes me about 1 second before it starts playing or recording.

That is exactly how it is supposed to work. In order to allow for synchronous recording, playback has to be sent to Performer ahead of studio playback, and Performer signal has to be buffered on its way back. This roundtrip time can be adjusted with the Remote Delay setting (default: 1.5 seconds). You may try to reduce that, but be prepared for dropouts if you drive it too hard. For local connections, this can be reduced to about 0.75 seconds or less. For good quality connections (note this has nothing to do with speed), around 1 second should suffice.