What video format is the lowest CPU usage for videotracks in cubase?

i have several videotracks for each song for my live performance in Cubase 12. on a 2014 Macbook pro i5 CPU.
I notice that the CPU gets very hot and the cpu fan is nearly at full power when playing the video in the separate video window (F8).
what format is best for low cpu usage

  1. high kompression (mp4, h242 codec, approx. 80-110 MB per video)
    Idea: The file is not too large to handle
  2. low compression (mov, ProRes 422 codec, approx. 1,2-1,4 GB per video)
    Idea: The CPU has less work to decode the video

I assume, a new macbook pro with a m2pro chip will be the best solution, but maybe the above thoughts would also be a good start.
when I mute the videotrack or the playback stop, the fan gets quieter.
so it’s the videotrack that causes the cpu load.
thanks for your help

ProRes is much easier for a standard CPU. That’s the format the pro’s use for editing. But the video files are bigger.

h264 is an enduser format, smaller files and CPU heavy. Ment to be decoded by specialized hardware.

ok, thank you zip, that’s what I also thought.
I wasn’t sure about the large file sizes, if that might cause problems for cubase while also playing the audio backing tracks.
It’s worth a try to exchange the mp4 videos files with the mov files and see how it effects the overall performance…