What VST Instruments come with CB 6.5?

Prior to me buying CB 6.5; I had the trial version of CB 6.
When I had the trial version of CB6; I had Padshop, Retrologue, GrooveAgent, Halion SE and the other VST instruments synths.

Now that I bought CB 6…6.5; I don’t have PadShop and Retrologue.
Did PadShop and Retrologe come only in the demo to get you to buy them as editional VST instruments?
The picture on the CB6 box shows all the above mentioned VST instruments but I dont have PadShop and Retrologue in the VST instrument pull down.

Any clarification would be totally appreciated.

No, Padshop and Retrologue were added to 6.5 (and interestingly were not in C6 IIRC). Padshop Pro was a paid update but the regular synth should be in your 6.5 as well as Retrologue.

To be clear:
I upgraded CB6 too CB6.5 and I don’t see them in the VST Instrument pull down.
Was there an edtional step or down load that I needed to do?

From what I see that I downloaded back then, I only downloaded the 6>6.5 update installer, which was 758 MB. Separately, there was a Padshop 1.1 update of 97 MB in July last year, and ofcourse the C6.5.1 etc updates. I also have Padshop Pro, but that was just a functionality addition more or less. Maybe you should run the 6.5 installer again and see if you see the option to install Padshop and Retrologue in one of the first screens.

I thought of uninstalling and reinstalling the entire program but I resulted to posting my issue.
I have CB 6.5.4 update installed on the box now but again I don’t see the PadShop and Retrologue instruments.

When you say run the installer is that in my c:\programs\steinberg folder or is it on the site?

When I updated from 6 to 6.5 I saw the new synths were separate installations. Maybe you overlooked something?

Maybe I missed that but I would assume that when I updated the software it would be in the upgrade and no additional steps would be necessary.

Is there a way I can get the instruments that come with the update without uninstalling and reinstalling the program?

Hopefully there is a better way?

Just to point out the obvious, since it hasn’t been mentioned …

Have you installed the most recent eLicenser software? Did you enter your new 6.5 activation code? Does the eLCC show a “full” license for 6.5?

Well, IIRC, and as The Present says, the synths were part of the 6.5 initial update, but as a checkmark in the setup dialog. I suppose they’re not also included in further updates, and by running the 6.5 installer again I meant the initial update of 758 MB. I suppose the 6.5 trial as it was available also holds them, but all of these are not available from Steinberg anymore I guess, so it depends on what you have downloaded previously.

I had a little help yesterday with this and yes the eLCC was updated and it shows cubase 6.5 full.
After doing that and running the cubase 6.5 setup the program opened and I saw PadShop & Retrologue. Great!

Now for the new issue:
After closing CB6.5 and launching it again; the loading window stays stuck on “Media Bay”. As if the program is not able to load media bay.
I opened up the task manager (PC) and it says that CB is “NOT RESPONDING”
So now my problem is that it’s not loading at all.

I tried rerunning the CB6.5 setup and when it gets to the installation it freezes and it also shows in the task manager as “NOT RESPONDING”

Don’t know the answer but you had better make this a new topic

I went home and I updated windows and wahlah… It opened no problem.
Since that time I have not turn the software off because I am in the middle of making something hot…
Hopefully the windows update was the fix and the software with perform like normal.

Thank you all for your help and tips!!
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