What was that all about?

the site was down for me for most of the day. i thought 7.5 was coming then. :unamused:

not on a saturday

you just quoted a line from the film 2010. when Dr. Chandra wipes Hal’s memory, the Russian scientist asks that very question! pointless fact! Ed :slight_smile:

Well at least we are back.

I noticed this too, but my whole internet was acting up…

Speaking of downtime.

Coming up on 3 years this forum has been down only a couple/three times now. (touch wood)

This last quick outage started me wondering:
when this site is down, at what other Cubase sites do you guys hang?
Somewhere ‘decent’ info is to be found.

For me (tho’ not always a pleasant experience but)
I will sometimes hang at ‘gearslutzs’.

Anyone? TIA (thanks in advance)

Same here…probably some spook (spy) bullshat… :wink: .


Gearslutz has a nice bit for cubase users.