What we want to see in future versions of NUENDO

Because they locked NUENDO INSIDE… I’d like to continue this topic and to say that it would be great to:

See some function like “link tracks” or modify “link channel” to make possible to edit curves by hand (not only by mix sliders in mixer) on several tracks. It is very useful during fine working with splited multi channel files.

Make some speed reducing for mouse wheel scrolling (for example with +Shift) kind of “fine scrolling”. The reason is the mac magic mouse is too fast and all my attempts to reduce scrolling speed by external utilities like MagicPref was unsuccessful.

Concerning autofades it would be convenient to extend this function to possibility to drag one clip to another with appearing crossfade without pressing X button. It solved in similar way in Samplitude and Vegas and safe a lot of time.

I’ve remember one more thing:
When I set loop markers I can see it’s bounders on time rule and on empty space of work area. But if I have regions fill all my work area window I can see loop marker bounders only on time rule which is not convenient because there is no possibility to observe precisely where loop marker bounders cross regions.

I would prefer even +12db to avoid problem with PT to Nuendo converting. And good metering eliminate the need for
using third part plug-ins like IXL metering which is very good but it useful on master track and not convenient as ordinary track metering.[/quote]



+12 dB is on the list for Nuendo 6.


How about this?

Great idea! I would happy to have such option too.
Also following option (it’s already exist in ProTools) will save time: replacing edited file with other channel from multi recorded file (usually it’s useful during working with Cantar files). It is also available with right clicking on file should be replaced and choosing desired file.

+1 on the “receiving tracks”

I want to see a release date for Nuendo 6.

I agree. And in resolution better than Quarter of Year :smiley:

Tomas Bilek

Question is Q3 or Q4…

anyway I´d like some hype teaser now… at least throw us a “leaked” blurry screenshot… anything!! :slight_smile:

Some speculation…
I thought they´ll probably present it on Popkomm, but the show was cancelled.

Or they present it on Musikmesse China…
but SB doesn´t show up on the exhibitors list :frowning:

Could be they announce it only on web without a trade show… who knows…

I’d like to see a complete overhaul and cleanup of windows management including elegant docking, logical choices when using zooming features, and better parallel tracking from window type to window type.

One thing I’d like to see is better handling of simple windows management on PC, some of which I’ve covered in this thread. Apparently this is not a problem on Macs, so why is it so on PC? The whole docking mechanism needs to be overhauled so windows snap and stay in place.

But there’s other “silly” stuff. For example, if I have a selected track on the project page and I decided to vertically zoom all tracks, why doesn’t the selected track stay centered on my screen? Currently I have to keep interrupting the zoom to chase after it, or do the zoom size I want and go fetch it from wherever it’s disappeared to.

Or why is it if I select a track on the project screen and move to a different unlocked workspace with a mixer, that selected track isn’t automatically centered for me to work on? Wouldn’t it make sense to automatically center display selected tracks from workspace to workspace?

How about an auto-hide/unhide that would allow the user to select a group output and have a command that automatically displays a mixer with only the member tracks connected to that group without the user having to configure anything. This would be a very useful thing to me.

The mixer track hiding/unhiding mechanism is a powerful one. I’ve just started using it recently but I’d like to see preset selection as an option for external control from control devices. I don’t understand why it’s been omitted from that long list of options. Is there a problem with it?

New features, new synths, and new processors are nice, but I’d like to see some effort and time spent on some of the nuts and bolts of display and its smoothness and usability. The elements are all there; all it needs is a little time, effort and a little inspiration. It’s certainly not as glamorous as a lot of other stuff, but it would certainly make my day to day a lot more pleasant and give the app a good professional make over.

I’d like to see a complete VST plugin sandbox shell that could completely contain any plugin instance opened in it.

That way any crash, bad behavior, etc. would only be reported as a failed plugin, rather than take down the entire project without notice.


Something that is bothering me everytime I edit for videos:
I’d like to have an option to give the fx-processing of events a “handle”.
E.g., when I compress or normalize an event it only does it to the visible range.
If you enlarge the event to manage a better fade in/out you need to process the little piece extra.
This is a nuisance when repeatedly necessary… and it often is …

Other than that:
please, enlarge the fader area for FX sends and other buttons… It is a pain to fiddly aim
with the mouse cursor for the millimeter areas.

Big K

I’d like custom surround capability, like Pro Tools and even Reaper has. I don’t want Steinberg to tell me how I must have my configuration, and I don’t want to have to jump throguh some very complex hoops to try to fool Nuendo into doing it my way.


Better networking options will be great. It’s common to work with people around the world.

Wait, can’t this already be accomplished? I must be misunderstanding something basic then (or what you’re saying)…

I’d love it if the networking features could be based on some sort of Nuendo-specific login-ID rather than machine specific (as I believe it currently is set up). If one did this one could easily separate different parts of the job, dialog editing, sfx editing, music editing etc into different projects and have a really easy way to update the main mix project. So rather than having to swap project, do changes, created files, swap back, import files, one could use the sync feature… but on the same computer. Way smoother and should only require a different way of authenticating a user.

I’d add that this should be compatible con Cubase. I work with people that can’t afford having a Nuendo just for do some editing and recording. Opening this to Cubase users, will increase the value of the platform.

Any kind of realtime collaboration would be great, for example, remote recording with realtime listening, without Skype or old RDSI connections: you listen (and maybe record in low quality) in realtime what’s happening in another studio and, when finished, then sync the final audio.

Thought of a few more after setting up a surround mix today.

1 - A way to save surround panner presets. Currently, neither track presets or mixer presets retain this information at all and it is likewise impossible to save a preset within the panner itself.
How hard can this be to implement?

2 - Better differentiation between mixer presets & track presets.
What - exactly - is the difference in the real world (and auditioning in real time does not count, as it is almost unusable with any but the stock plugins)