What went wrong? Recording failure

Devices and Software

Apple Mac G4
Dual 1 Ghz Power PC
1MB L3 cache processor
L2 Cache (per CPU): 256 KB
Mac OS 10.5.8

MOTU 24i connected by Firewire via MOTU PCI 424 card.

Recording software :- Steinberg Cubase SX v

The intention was to record a 100-minute live show.

I configured the MOTU 24i interface via PCI Audio Setup to activate 24 inputs. I was concerned about potential distortion and or crosstalk from the expected high levels at the output from the 24 tracks being mixed so I de-activated the outputs. I don’t believe this has any relevance.

In the Project Setup I increased the recording length to (2.5 hours) at the 44.1kHz; 16 bit Record Format and AIFF File Type.

I confirmed that each of tracks 1– 24 had the corresponding input assigned to it. At sound check I could see that I had the correct sound sources registering on all inputs of the MOTU 24i. I was concerned about the strange waveforms seen after the test recording and I and another Cubase user checked the settings and decided the settings were correct.

The recording ran uninterrupted ( with no problems) for the duration of the show. When I checked the recording I had tracks 1-8 duplicated on tracks 9-16 and 17-24.

What went wrong?

Denny B

Must be a routing mistake?

Please expand on your thoughts.

In the Inspector, it was seen, Track 1 was receiving Input 1 from the interface. Ditto Tracks 2 through 8. Likewise Tracks 9 through 24 were showing Inputs 9 through 24 (of the interface). Is it possible that only 8 tracks at a time can be recorded. This is a common limitation of digital recording devices.

SX 3 can easily record 24 tracks simultaneously.


If you are sure you had set up the connections within the program correctly, that is you had enabled all 24 inputs and had a unique name for each one and had selected each unique input for each input channel then that would point to a routing error on the analog side or a routing error in the Moto software! Either way it’s a routing error somewhere.

It’s not easy to get sufficient inputs away from the concert hall but I’m attempting to emulate the circumstances. I’ll report what I find.

Duh, I replugged my audio sources over the span if the 24 inputs. First suspect thing was I had signal at the Cue Mix console but not the inspector. Couldn’t work it out. For no logical reason I hit ‘Reset’ in the VST Input of Device Setup and even though 24 ports were listed as visible they apparently weren’t as I then got signal at the track I was working on. I Quit and did not save and went through the procedure again but could not recreat the same circumstance.

I would expect the 24 Track Audio Sequencer Template to automatically select 24 mono inputs in VST Connections as the relevant preset. No?

Just as you have to watch that the track record select doesn’t randomly drop out I guess you have to check everything else.