What will the Upgrade Cubase 6/6.5 to 7 be like?

Since this is the first time (i can remember) that steinberg charges for a .5 update, i wonder how this will affect the update to the (presumably) coming cubase 7.
If i update to 6.5 now, will i get 50 euros off my normal upgrade price to version 7? Or is the upgrade price going to go up for v6 users?
please steinberg - let us know about your new update schemes/prices so we (customers) can make an educated decision and not feel screwed over (later).
thanks a lot.

I think the chance that 6.5 users will pay less than 6.0 users on the upgrade to 7.0 is slim to none. It will not happen, if history is any indication.

If that happens, I will eat my hat.

Why worry about what SB is going to do down the road? Why not worry about whether or not your latest track sounds as good as it should? Or whether or not it needs some more instruments?

Ok, template loaded…gatta go!


i completely get what you’re saying. i would find the new quantize feature interesting/helpful - don’t need the rest.
i would consider upgrading now if that would also also pay toward the next update. however, i would hate to see update prices from 6 to 7 become higher just because there was i .05 update i wow supposed to pay for…that’s just a hidden increase in update prices… customer confusion.

i just want the update plans to be transparent…

I am guesssing that Cubase 7 will become almost a re-development of the current version 6 since it most likely will provide a completely new window-system at least:-) So, my guess is, there will be no discount for version 6.5 users at all…

Never do that! Only pay for upgrade if you consider it’s worth for the money. The current upgrade is what you pay for. You’re not paying for future upgrades.

Now history doesn’t give you much guarantee, but as far as I know the upgrade from Cubase 4 to 6 and from Cubase 5 to 6 is the same price.
That means that 5 to 7 and 6 to 7 will be the same, and I have no reason to believe 6.5 to 7 would be any different.

Go with what Jarno said. Upgrade if you find the current value of the upgrade worth the price.

to be honest, i xpect the opposite:

They will add:

  • Some additional synths (nr 31675 and 31676) which are not really useful
  • Some reworked FX
  • An ultimative Guitar amp simulator (nr 31428)
  • VST 3.7 or 3.9 to make sure the included synths will run only on Cubase 7
  • Compat to OS X 10.8 and Windows 8
  • Some Ideas from Logic X

They will not add:

  • A new GUI
  • Core enhancements
  • Lame MP3
  • Versioning

But the price will be lowered as

  • Logic has become inexpensive
  • Reaper is cheaper ( i love that)

Regards Mink