What will you sacrifice to get Cubase 12 this month? (Fun Post)

If Steinberg is smart - The release it today or tomorrow - Pay Day…

I know I will eat less steak next month. Win Win. They save the planet, and they make money and I get to play with all the new features of Cubase 12…

What will you sacrifice to get Cubase 12 this month?


Nothing. I will Wait until the discount period.

Time it is…

I would be prepared to sacrifice Cubase 11 & The dongle. :slight_smile:

Not thought about pay day actually, it would’ve been a good week to release - but of course, it has to be ready, and generally they go full-on robot chubby for Wednesdays, so not gonna happen!

i’d sacrifice my VST2 plugins :grinning:


I’d sacrifice my gym lesson. And if Cubase is not going to be released today, I will find other excuse. :smiley:


:joy_cat: haha, good one.

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Cuts like a knife that one haha.


Nothing. 11 isn’t broken, and my upgrade is free, I can wait.

This month? Maybe I’d drop Reaper as I switched to it last year because I got bored of waiting for Steinberg to release an M1 native version of Cubase.
This after almost 30 years of using Cubase, and even if they do drop 12 this month it’s only a maybe I’d go back unless they also introduce live chat support LOL.

Erm… two goats and a virgin? (Cheese and olive oil)…. More likely I’ll wait till it’s in a 40% off sale.

Virgin goats?

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wifes buying me the cubase 12 update for valentines day :slight_smile: and i have to buy her a new rice cooker but the ones she wants will cost twice as much as c12 update …my wifes not stupid shes asian shes super smart ive been ripped off yet again by wife lol


But you get some rice too! So what’s the sacrifice?

He prob has to buy the rice too… She make it…

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Not to forget he has to cook too. He has no time to use Cubase but to be near wife and serve wife. Wifes smart. She knows.

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