What Would Be A Decent Music PC to Run Cubase 11 Pro

Hi my PC is getting a bit slow at running Cubase 11 pro so starting to think of upgrade to Windows 11 ,possibly AMD Ryzen Based, im at that stage in life where i will listen to more experienced Cubase users, i just need a decent PC that can handle my not too complicated and plug in hungry system.
Looking for decent specs that can help a very less than average home producer to just make some music,it doesnt need to be crazy high end specs,just solid,steady,reliable, nothing like myself lol,thanks

I always get my PCs from someone who builds them specifically to be used as DAWs. They test the components to make sure they play nice with real-time audio processing.

My last few have come from

Depending on your location others here can recommend similar where they live

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If your requirements aren’t that high, any modern CPU will probably do (but usually the requirements increase with experience :wink: )
Something like this perhaps?

(I’m not in the UK, so cannot really buy at scan.co.uk, but I’ve always checked their site for examples, and as they are so nice to offer the precise specs of their computers, you could also take those, order the parts and either build it yourself or have someone else build it for you)

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Thanks Raino i have a look

Thanks Fese,good avice,i will check Scan Products Out to get an idea of price and specs

If you’re in the US, I highly recommend SilentPC.com. They make high-performance PCs that are completely fanless (and thus completely silent) - which is so important if the PC is in your mixing/recording room. I personally have this system, and couldn’t be happier with it:

Unfortunately I’m not in the US but I do appreciate your advice and i will have a look at their systems,many thanks