What would cause no sound at the stereo out?

Last night I wanted to show some of my new songs to a friend only to find that the stereo out meter in Cubase was not moving and no sound was coming out of the speakers. This all started happening for the first time last night. I know now, that it is affecting many of my song projects and it started suddenly as of last night but some of my songs play audio just fine! and others produce no sound at the stereo out while all the track meters are still moving! And! if I open up a brand new project, audio is restored and everything seems fine again. Wierd!

It’s not a sound card issue because it does the same thing when I switch from the card to the computer’ built-in audio and both! play internet audio content just fine. I have a late 2013 MacBook Pro and my Cubase version is Pro 9. Did I screw something up with my settings? Any help would be greatly appreciated!



VST Connection settings (F4) are saved with the project. Could be the output bus is disconnected in some projects. You can also check this on the upper left site of the info line in the project window. Otherwise it could be an incorrect routing in the mixer?

All of my song projects are showing “Audio Outputs Connected” in the upper left. I Just double checked them again to be sure. Could you explain how I would be able to check the “mixer routing” you mentioned?

Problem solved! Wow, how embarrassing. I bought SPL EQ Ranger Plus During Plugin Alliance’s 90% off “no brainer” sale a couple of weeks ago. I thought I had it properly activated but it went into “demo expired” mode which is what was muting my stereo out. I guess I was trying it on the master bus on some of my tunes and forgot about it. After properly activating it, all songs are playing fine now.