What would you buy with 6,000$?

Im new in this field. Just started to make music with cubase. I make alternative/indie rock, Classic rock/blues/metal, tropical house, R&B, Pop.

I tried to give you all the details as best as possible.

the gear i have:

Intel Core i7 9700K / 1151 Tray
Noctua NH-D15 CPU Cooler
Corsair DDR 4 32G (16Gx2) 3200 CL16 Vengeance LPX Black CMK32GX4M2D3200C16
Corsair RM650x 650W PSU 80+ Gold Modular
Samsung SSD 1.0TB 970 EVO NVMe M.2
Seagate HDD 4.0TB 256MB SATA3 BarraCuda
Fractal Design Define XL R2

Cubase 10 Pro

Electric Drums:
Yamaha DTXpress IV

Midi keyboard
M-Audio 61 keystation

Beringer Truth B2031A 8"

Audio interferce
Akai EIE Pro

Electric Guitars:
Gibson SG
Gibson ES-345 REISS TB GH
Ibanez RG26202e-BK

Bass Guitars:
Ibanez GSR200 PW

Classic Guitar:
Yamaha C40

Guitar Amp
Marshall DSL 40C

Bass Amp
Marshall MB B30

Beringer Eurorack MX 2004A

The Room
2.8 meter on 3.5 meter
Two windows
In the meantime the room will be with no bed, no closet etc…

What i need to buy:

  1. Desk - thought about building myself but i dont know if its worth it. What is the best design for sound quality and convinence? I want a drawer for the keyboard for saving space.
  2. New monitors (im thinking EVE SC207 or Adam A7x, about 1800$)
  3. Mic for recording guitars and vocals - do i need two seperate mics or one will do?
  4. Headphones - best quilty but Im looking for ones that you wont feel them on the ears. I hate headphones just because of that. Any recommandations?
  5. Acoustic absorption - where do i start, how do i know where to put it, what size, on the walls, the door?
  6. ‏carpet
  7. Paying an acoustic engineer for best result
  8. ‏foot pedal
  9. midi controller like cmc-al or cc121

Id like to know what you think guys. I thought about buying all the items from one store and get a big disscount.
How would you divide the budget? What amount for each item?
I want to buy stuff that have great reviews on the net.

General questions:
A. I have this mixer that i got from someone:
Beringer Eurorack MX 2004A
I dont use it but can i do something with it?

B. I also have lots of pedals. Is recording guitars with a mic in a room recommended? How is it work? What gear do i need for that?

C. The room will be for all multimedia. Home cinema 5.1 (maybe i use the monitors for it) music production and gaming.
any ideas on how to set it up the best way possible?

D. Any ideas on how to make the room look great?

You should’ve posted this in the hardware section? but it all depends on your needs but with a budget of $6000 i would surely invest in 2GB SSD storage unit(s) and at least 32GB of memory, maybe even 64GB depending on your needs. You don’t mention the software (plugins) you’re planning to use?

You can always do ‘something’ with an external mixer depending on your needs?

With the room you’re basically on your own. It’s impossible to say whats best in this specific situation? And common…how can we tell you how to make a room look great? Is it even required to make music? Make up your own mind!

First I would go for acoustic treatment theory, then put it to practice on a DIY fashion with proper instruments measure for a professional results capable audio room.

hey. thanks for the comments.

i have 32gb memory its 16x2, and you are right, i need another 2tb ssd.

the problem in DIY for acoustic treatment is that the net is full in lots of info but everyone says something oppisate. its not common to pay for proffesional opinion?

thank you for the help.
anybody else can help with the other questions?

btw, if this is not the right forum, please move it.

About the mics.
Check out https://advancedaudio.ca/
I have the CM 87 and itbis damn close to the original U87.

For accoustics. Make some wooden frames and stuff in some towels. You will get amazed how much you can do with simple materials. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pABvTWSxOes
And the worst part… it works.

As for speakers. Go for the JBL 305 or 308. They are very good reference monitors.

I wpould spend most of the money on a new soundcard. I use the Prism sound Titan. Great converters and crystal clear sound. And it also comes with Dante.

Regarding the acoustic treatment, diffusers and high frequency absorbers work well, on the other hand, bass traps would have to be impractically large to bring any noticeable effect. For flattening the low end response I recommend a calibration system, e.g. Sonarworks.



Acoustic treament is the best way to enhance the listening Environment! Start with bass traps on the corners. Research Before doing/buying anything… And take your time until you are very sure about what you really need. That’s the best advice imo! There was a huge difference between my untreated room and my treated room… You will be able to hear things more clearly when removing or dampnening some of the reflections, especially the low frequencies. So that will be your best investment! I bought these ones for bass traps and put 2 of them (on top of each other) in each corner, did wonders: https://www.thomann.de/gb/hofa_basstrap.htm

Then adding hardware/software to your “home studio setup” will just be fun, since you will be able to hear things more clearly! Perhaps adding a dedicated studio desk would be the next step I guess, but getting an ordinary but decent large & stable table to put our screens and monitors on, with also adding some racks perhaps would be enough, so it doesn’t have to be an expensive “studio desk”… Make sure the screen monitor/s are at the right height from where you’re sitting. Yea, also a good chair is great, like those gaming chairs on wheels?.. They are great to have too since you’ll be sitting their for hours and it’s good for your body to have comfort!

Yea, then microphones is very important too. Buy different ones, for your different needs. Different singers need different microphones I guess… Just reasearch on that one. Don’t buy the most expensive ones unless you’re vert rich of course… It’s a money drain really… Try both condesners and dynamic ones, for your different needs of course… For example, “stereo paired small-condenser microphones” might be good for recording acoustic guitars, and so on… For vocals try the usual ones, Shure SM57 (not expensive) but also others like a condenser mic for vocals from RODE (not too expensive), etc…

//Regards from Robin Gardner.