What'd you get?

This Christmas Santa brought me some nice Sony speakers, and a damper pedal for my keyboard. :smiley: Oh yeah, and the Wavelab 7.2.1 update. Thanks SB!! Did anyone else get anything interesting, for your studio or otherwise? I know one of y’all got coal. :wink:

I got an essential bit of studio kit which I have needed for years - a lava lamp :sunglasses:

Yeah, I have one of those; they’re really good when it rains. :wink:

Shure SE215 ear buds. Never had anything decent to use with my mp3 player. One more thing to compare mixes on, also - since it seems like that’s what all the cool kids are listening to music on these days … not that I make music for cool kids :confused: .

Socks… :laughing:

Music related, I had an expression pedal.

Excellent, I can now do filter sweeps with my foot. :slight_smile:


I asked for a good singing voice but I guess Sam Ash was out of those. :laughing:

So I got a songwriter’s rhyming dictionary instead.

Traps A400 Acoustic Drum Kit. I got fed up with my rubberized Yamaha DTXpress especially when I found out that Brains had them too. :laughing: They take up less floorspace and actually sound pretty good. Might have to upgrade the cyms at some point.

gallon of Burnished Cream, quart of Gourmet Honey, quart of primer/sealant, spackle, drop cloths, new roller brushes,rented a 5" random orbit palm sander.

Painted a bathroom that has a travertine floor, baseboards, shower, granite counter - LOTS of taping and cut in. Spackled then sanded the dated French Provincial routed design in the vanity. Also sanded out the walls that were an ugly reminder of my first attempt at Mexican Smooth Coat plastering many years ago. Last coat today.

lol @ Brains :slight_smile:
Nice one, but I would think an acoustic kit takes more space?


I would think an acoustic kit takes more space?

They’re called “flats” - http://www.trapsdrums.com/products/a400-acoustic-drum-kit :sunglasses: and sound surprisingly good. There’s some decent vids of them on YouTube.

Cool, if not a little weird :wink:

Electronic drums are always on my list, but this year it was a whitegoods only affair.

Still confused about whether or not to upgrade, as if the features I want in Elements are actually implemented (God willing) I will not actually need the flagship application. :sunglasses:

Aloha guys,

An ‘all clear’ result from my colonoscopy.

Still standin’.

Yayy, curteye! :sunglasses: :smiley:

I know exactly how that feels… Great News!

My girlfriend gave me a Kindle. Fire and then we got engaged

Congratulations on the engagement. :sunglasses:

Congratulations on the Kindle :slight_smile:


I got a new studio… and a house to go with it. :sunglasses: